What is Bingbon Exchange ?

Bingbon Exchange is a Contract for Difference Trading platform invested by Xiong An Technology, aHong Kong-listed company (1647.HK). Bingbon allows users to trade contracts of many markets such as Cryptocurrencies, Global Indices, Forex and Commodities for long and short positions.The Company aims to provide a fair, transparent, and secure exchange which provides efficient and cost-effective trading for users.

Bingbon Exchange protected by advanced 11-fold wallet encryption and bank-level security framework. The market is open and transparent, allowing traders to check transparency, without any manipulation. Through Community Functions, users can choose excellent analysts and professional traders to follow-up.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bingbon Exchange


- Diversity of trading pairs: Bingbon not only allows trading of crypto pairs but also allows trading in some other markets such as:
+ Stock indices: DJ, S&P 500, NASDAQ
+ Commodity: Gold, Oil

- Easy to use: Bingbon is easier to manipulate transactions than other exchanges on the crypto markets.

- High security: The Exchange is protecting by security technology with 11 different layers to reduce the possibility that hackers can attack and steal assets.

- High level of leverage: Bingbon Exchange allows users to use very high leverage up to 150x, while this number in BitMEX is only 100x, and Binance Future is just125x.

- Copytrading: This is one of the most notable features of Bingbon. With the Copytrade function for many different markets, Bingbon will attract more users than other trading platforms.

- Professional support team: The team comes from different top financial institutions and Internet companies in the US, Hong Kong, and China.

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- Support quite a few cryptocurrencies: Currently, the exchange only supports 11 pairs, which areBTC-USDT, ETH-USDT, XRP-USDT, LTC-USDT, BCH-USDT, EOS-USDT, ETC-USDT, TRX-USDT, BSV-USDT, LINK-USDT and ADA-USDT.

- No OTC Exchange

- Charts do not really fully show the indicators

Register new account on Bingbon Exchange and receive 100$ to trade

To receive 100$ free on Bingbon, you should register and linked your account with your mobie number. You need to follow these steps below:

Step 1: Go to the link: Bingbon.pro

Step 2: Select your area code

Step 3: Input your phone number in the Mobile number box and click "Get."

Step 4: Input confirmation code you receive from Bingbon and click "Join Now."

Step 5: Download Bingbon application on App Store or Play Store, login and receive 100$ for free to trade

How to secure your account on Bingbon Exchange

Turn on 2FA security

You can only turn on 2FA security on the Mobile version of Bingbon Exchange

Step 1: Go to Account >>> Security Center >> >Click on Google Authenticator >>> Link >>> Copy the Google Code into the Authenticator Application.

Step 2: Update the verification codes SMS Verification & Google Authenticator code

Verify Identity on Bingbon Exchange - KYC

In order for the process of identity verification on Bingbon to take place quickly, you prepare some of the following requirements:

- Your ID card / Passport front picture
- Your ID card / Passport back picture
- Your selfie picture holding a paper with Bingbon and the Registration date

Step 1: Go to Account >> Authentication.
Step 2: Upload your requirement information, then wait for the approval.

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Deposit and withdrawal on Bingbon Exchange


Step 1: Go to Account >>> Deposit >>> Select the coin that you want to deposit.
Step 2: Transfer the coin to the wallet address

- If you deposit BTC to Bingbon Exchange, that amount of BTC will be automatically converted to USDT after being deposited.
- Bingbon support USDT ERC-20, USDT Omni, and USDC. Remember to choose the right coin to transfer


Step 1: Go to Account >>> Withdraw >>> Select the coin that you want to Withdraw.
Step 2: Enter the wallet address to receive and the number of coins you want to withdraw.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the trading fee on Bingbon

    0.045% - when you close a standard order or copy trade order
    The exchange has no Overnight fee, but instead by calculating Funding Rate as follows:

    Based on the Long / Short ratio of the currency pair:

    For example, The long funding fee is 0.02%, and the short side is -0.02%. Then after 8 hours, traders who open long position will have to pay = their order volume * 0.02%, and traders who open short receive = their order volume * 0.02%

    Example: Long volume 10,000 USDT at the price of 9,000 USDT (market or trigger orders will have the same spread). The average spread of Bingbon is 0.04% => Matching price of 9003.6
    If traders close the order, traders will have to pay a transaction fee of 10000 * 0.00045 = 4.5 USDT

    Funding fee:
    For example, if traders keep order through 8 accounting periods (Settlement time is at 3 am - 11 am - 7 pm)
    If the funding rate is 0.02%, then they have to pay 2 USDT, and if the funding rate is -0.02%, they can get 2 USDT.

  • The deposit / withdrawal fees on Bingbon Exchange

    Minimum withdrawal: 0.006 BTC
    Maximum withdrawal: 5 BTC
    Withdrawal fee: 0.0005 BTC

    USDT Ohmni:
    Minimum withdrawal: 15 USDT
    Maximum withdrawal: 1,000,000 USDT
    Withdrawal fee: USD 5
    With USDT ERC-20:

    USDT ERC-20:
    Minimum withdrawal: 15 USDT
    Maximum withdrawal: 1,000,000 USDT
    Withdrawal fee: 1 USDT (should withdraw with USDT on the ERC-20 platform of Ethereum)

    Minimum withdrawal: 0.15 USDT
    Maximum withdrawal: 400 ETH
    Withdrawal fee: 0.005 ETH

  • Does Bingbon Exchangehave application on iOS, Android?

    Yes, Bingbon also has an app for mobile. You can find on both App Store and Play Store

  • Should you trade on Bingbon Exchange?

    Bingbon is a new exchange but it has a lot of advantages compare to other exchanges on the market, which you should consider:
    - Low Fee, Low Speard
    - Many trading pairs
    - Has Copy Trading

    If you register a new account via the link of Crypto Moon, you will receive an additional $ 100 coupon for

Crypto Moon is not a financial advisor, All contents on this site are not financial advice. All information on the Crypto Moon website is informative and not recommendations to buy or sell anything. You are responsible for your investments, only should invest money you can afford.

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